I often get asked how we came up with our business name, Udaguru Enterprises.  I cannot take personal credit for the uniqueness of our name.  My husband had been meditating on  the pathway of his life and told himself he would be willing to follow any leader who would show him the pathway to success.  The Universe replied back to him, “YOU are the Guru.”   Who the guru?  You the guru!  In offhanded street vernacular, “U da guru!” And thus Udaguru Enterprises, was born.

Gurus come in various forms.  We all can learn something from someone.  We can also learn from ourselves, our past experiences, likes, desires, and goals.  We all have the power within us to lead ourselves to success.  Yes, it is important and often necessary to seek guidance or knowledge from others.  Just don’t forget that often the answers you seek can come from within.