Got an idea for your next blog post? Me neither.  Writer’s block can be a blogger’s worst nightmare.  Fortunately, inspiration can strike at any moment.  I had one such serendipitous moment recently while reading an online article about entrepreneurship.  When I had scrolled all the way through the article, I saw a link to a related article about cures for writer’s block.  Following the link, I skimmed through the article and read a brief mention about blog topic/title generators.  Aha!  This could help me, I thought.  With the help of Google, I found several such generators.    Using the key word phrase “Working Moms”, I tested out 6 popular blog topic/title generators to see what they would give me.  Surprisingly enough, I have found the spark I needed for my next blog post. Yay! And  with any luck, you too will find just what you need to kill writer’s block.

  1. Content Idea Generator  With this easy to use blog topic/title generator, all you need to do is type in your keywords and voila! “13 Ways Working Moms Can Make You Rich!”  Content Idea Generator uses humorous thought bubbles to comment about the title choice and offers the user tips and extra resources to fill out a content plan.  I will without a doubt be using this generator when I need it.
  2. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator This handy dandy blog topic/title generator gives a week’s worth of topics/titles after you type in your keywords.  Using the same “working moms” keyword phrase, this generator gave me these 5 topics: Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Working Moms, History of Working Moms, 7 Things About Working Moms Your Boss Wants to Know, The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Working Mothers, and 14 Common Misconceptions About Working Moms.  Given the variety with the week’s worth of titles, this generator is worth checking out.
  3. Blog Title Idea Generator This generator automatically generates a blog title idea, or you can click on the “Need More Inspiration” prompt to generate another title: “[Number] Essential Tips for [Keyword]”.  Quick and painless.
  4. Content Ideator The Content Ideator gives you a plethora of ideas depending on the relevance of your topic keywords.  A few title/topic ideas that came up for my keywords “working moms” include: Book Reviews for Working Mom and Their Kids, How Working Moms Find Emergency Child Care, ” and “Working Moms Site of the Week”.  With an upgrade to the “pro” version for $79/month, you can get relevant sats on the keyword content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Plus as well as being able to see how your competition stacks up.  Want to save your results or get more results?  Pay for the pro version.  This service could be useful for a blogger who has monetized his or her blog or wants to take the blog to the next level.
  5. Link Bait Generator I’ll admit it.  I fall prey to link bait  (also called click bait) quite often.  Seriously?! Who doesn’t.   However, as with fishing, the  best bait will actually lead you to an awesome catch or in this case an awesome article.  This generator was by far my favorite because it gives you 25, yes 25!, title possibilities.  Unfortunately, the titles are the same each time you input different keywords  just in a different order on the page.  Be that as it may, I found some worthy titles play with for my next post.  One of my favorites from this generator:  8 Unbelievable things you never knew about Working Moms.